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MOVEit for Azure

A solução de transferência de arquivos mais segura do mundo

O MOVEit fornece a segurança e o controle necessários para a transferência de arquivos segura e de alto volume e a conformidade com as regulamentações. Com recursos de segurança fortes, como ofuscação de arquivos e registros invioláveis; e uma infinidade de opções de interatividade, como o MOVEit Client e o plugin do Outlook, há algo para cada caso de uso.

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Ready for Microsoft Azure

Available today in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing you to deploy the world's most secure MFT platform in just minutes with the click of a button.


Perpetual license

Progress MOVEit Transfer is available as a perpetual license. Each server supports unlimited user accounts, storage, and bandwidth. Each year, an optional support and maintenance fee is paid for access to technical support and software assurance.


FIPS 140-2 encryption
IP lockouts and alerts
Activity logs
Encryption at rest (AES-256)
Tamper-evident audit trail
OS independent security

File integrity checks
Retransmission on failure
DMZ proxy server
DLP and Anti-Virus integration
PCI / HIPAA compliance

w/Progress Gateway (optional)

File transfer

Secure Folder Sharing  

Email file sharing (Ad-hoc)

Mobile App for iOS and Android   

AS1, AS2, AS3   




MOVEit Desktop Client 


Send/receive unlimited - Add-on (optional)

Send/receive unlimited - Add-on (optional)

Send/receive unlimited - Add-on (optional)

Send/receive unlimited - Add-on (optional)


Conditional workflows            
AD or LDAP authentication 
Events & notifications 
Browser-based admin clients 
Move/deleted files after x days

Single sign-on (SAML 2.0) 
Fine control for user, group, folder, admin permissions

Radius support 
API REST for integrations

user access

Unlimited users/sessions 
Web transfer

Global language support

Outlook client (Ad-hoc)  

 Add-on (optional)


Remote database 
Disaster recovery Failover            

High-availability, scalability

 Add-on (optional)

 H.A. Active (optional)

MOVEit Architecture Slides_Vini.jpg

w/MOVEit Automation (optional)


Resources and Capabilities

Security and Compliance

  • Hosted in your own Microsoft Azure tenant so you can benefit from a high degree of control; and the advantages of using the cloud.

  • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and integrity verification.

  • Tamperable database used to store audit logs and encryption data.

  • RFC 6238 multifactor authentication for all user accounts.

  • Product features designed to complement PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

Availability and uptime

  • High Availability Deployment Options.

  • Follow Sun's technical support via email, phone, or Progress's technical support portal.

Connectivity and Usability

  • Support for HTTPS, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS and FTP.

  • REST API for modern integrations.

  • Support for Microsoft AD Azure, LDAP, SAMLv2 and RADIUS to authenticate internal and external user accounts.

  • The folder-level permission sets to expose only areas of the solution allowed for that user.

  • Support for SSL and SSH key authentication.

  • Automated cleaning of old or expired files, keeping your storage as lean as possible.

  • Temporary user accounts with automated expiration.

  • Microsoft Outlook plugin.

  • MOVEit Client used to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer / Apple Mac to MOVEit Transfer Cloud.

Para um atendimento personalizado, entre em contato com um especialista ou solicite um orçamento gratuito

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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