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GENERAL LICENSING: Quoting software licenses for every need

Pirated or unlicensed software can compromise a company's production and increase the risk of penalties for inspections or audits, resulting in poor performance or hefty fines.


International IT offers specific software licensing consultancy so you can focus on your business without worries. A specialized team carries out a rigorous analysis of the situation, evaluating installed softwares in the company and looking for the real necessity of them, indicating the most appropriate solution without unnecessary expenses.


This way, you only acquire the licenses you need, regularize your software and can work much more smoothly.


We work with several software manufacturers:

  •  Windows (Server, Desktop, SQL, Office 365, etc)​

  • VMware (Fusion, Workstation, Vsphere, etc)​

  • AntiVirus (Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee, etc)​

  • AutoDesk (AutoCAD, Maya)​

  • SolidWorks​

  • Between others


Know the advantages for your company.

Manufacturer's Guarantee of Operation

Ready and functional software that meets users' expectations.

Fixes and updates for security flaws or bugs

For better performance and preserving your information, it is necessary to perform regular software updates, avoiding any bugs and vulnerabilities.

Better systems performance

Maximize the performance of your business with quality and optimized software.

Access to technical support for questions and problems

Technical support can be consulted to help your company find the best answers.

Security for the company's IT and its customers

Count on a team of highly trained, updated and qualified professionals so that your business can grow driven by your IT.

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