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Conhecimento e expertise para suportar o seu modelo de negócio.

Nossa consultoria possui profissionais altamente qualificados que aplicam seu know-how para orientar as organizações sobre como utilizar os recursos de TIC da melhor forma possível.


Queremos ajudá-lo a alcançar seus objetivos usando as soluções mais adequadas e modernas.

Melhore a qualidade e desempenho dos serviços prestados, reduza os riscos em segurança da Informação e consiga melhor desempenho e disponibilidade do seu ambiente.


Consulting in network and telecommunications projects

Consulting services for data, voice, image and other network technologies using telecommunications infrastructure.


Software Consulting

Consultancy in the drafting of notices related to the computational infrastructure and administration of virtualized environments, servers and web tools, e-mail and virtual e-mail domain hosting.

Acquisition of network equipment

This service is offered to organizations during the process of acquiring network equipment, and aims to assess technical compliance between business demands and the characteristics of the desired equipment.


Support for network administrators

We offer support service to network administrators in order to guide you in the execution of daily tasks and  in the identification / resolution of problems related to the operation of local networks.

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Know the advantages for your company.

Mapping your IT environment

The mapping carried out by our consultants, serves to know which points should be maintained and increase performance in IT. Know the details of your computing environment to understand your real needs.

Qualified professionals

Count on the know-how of our team that has experienced network and security engineers.

Best cost-benefit

Reduce your internal costs with our high added value consultancy.

Remote, face-to-face or allocated service

Our team of analysts has remote assistance in a short period of time to answer questions and resolve simple issues. If necessary, the analyst can schedule a visit for a face-to-face service. If the company prefers, it can also count on the modalities of assistance with analysts allocated to the client, with support contracts in part-time or full-time IT.

Reports for your follow-up

Our customer receives reports on the occurrences identified during the support of their computers and servers. In this way, it is able to evaluate the actions taken and make the necessary adjustments to increase its performance and reduce costs.

Para um atendimento personalizado, entre em contato com um especialista ou solicite um orçamento gratuito

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A tecnologia está em nosso DNA

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