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Cybersecurity and Network Monitoring for Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Pharmaceuticals

Keep patients safe, medical information protected and healthcare operational

Technology in the health sector is present from the pharmaceutical industry to telemedicine, gathering sensitive data and ensuring the operation of hospitals and equipment. 

Cybersecurity and network monitoring is becoming a central part of the care model as it aligns with healthcare provider goals. The care must be of high quality and must meet the expectations of the patients.

Healthcare organizations cannot afford downtime. Ensure your business can recover from a disaster in minutes.

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Challenges in the Health Services Sector

  • regulatory compliance

  • Multi-cloud security for healthcare

  • Constant emergence of new models of care

  • Implementation of electronic medical record systems

  • Cost reduction initiatives

  • Increased transmission of health data

  • Cybersecurity for Hospital IoT

  • Growing adoption rates of mobile devices in healthcare

Advantages and benefits for your company

  • Network and IT infrastructure monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of security threats and breaches in the healthcare network

  • Integrated healthcare security through a single architecture for mobile and endpoint systems such as mobile phones, laptops and medical devices

  • Configuration management to keep devices such as X-ray equipment, diagnostic imaging systems, and laboratory equipment running safely and efficiently.

  • Remote connectivity to managed endpoints

  • Efficient management of security postures, enforcing standard policies and compliance in the cloud

  • Anomaly and threat detection using cloud security analytics and the intelligence feed to optimize remediation strategy and response time

  • Mobile devices and confidential documents protected from threats

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