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Reduce costs, increase your productivity and improve the quality of your service

Accelerate problem solving and develop excellence in your service. Resolve errors, respond to internal and external customer requests, and raise the bar on your IT services.


Count on structured routines, management and control of activities, making the service more organized and efficient.


An intelligent helpdesk optimizes IT processes and increases industry productivity.

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Know the advantages for your company.

Problem solving

Don't let small day-to-day problems disrupt the routine of your users, low-complexity activities such as changing passwords and searching for answers to questions about the use of tools, are solved instantly by the form of service you choose, whether by remote access, phone or email.


During all steps of the problem resolution, the Help Desk team keeps in contact with the user to verify the evolution of the case. If something goes wrong, the team will be ready to make the necessary changes, depending on the type of occurrence at the time. In other words, the user works side by side with the technician to define an agile and accurate troubleshooting strategy.

Facilitates Management

Define and monitor metrics to be in compliance with the contracted SLA . The IT manager can establish goals and objectives, applying the culture of continuous improvement in the sector and in the company.

Detailed reports

Good helpdesk systems provide reports that help managers assess the performance of their team. In addition, these reports can be turned in to knowledge base, as all open and categorized demands provide a good overview of the most frequent problems.

Ommichanel Service

We offer service with optimized responses and control of information flow thanks to data generated by the reports. Our support is provided through different communication channels for the customer's convenience.

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