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Fortinet provides high-performance network security solutions that protect your network, your users and your information from ever-evolving threats. The broad portfolio of end-to-end solutions and centralized management enable security consolidation and provide a simplified end-to-end security infrastructure.


How can we help you with FORTINET

Security oriented network solution

Next-generation firewall with unified management for hybrid fabric firewall.

Security information and event management.

Collect, store, and analyze logs from all Fortinet security devices.


Endpoint protection


Endpoint detection and response

When protecting with FortiEDR , you will have: 

discovery and control

Discover and control fraudulent devices and applications based on risk mitigation policies.

Real-time detection and neutralization

Automatically detect and neutralize potential threats in real time, even on compromised devices.

Automatic response  to incidents

Use customizable contextual incident response playbooks that automate incident response.

Minimize business impact
Stops attacks instantly 

Enable response and remediation while keeping systems online and business continuity.

Stop breaches and prevent data loss and damage from ransomware instantly, with no wait time.

Efficient security operations 

Take the pain out of handling alerts and streamline operations with customizable incident response processes.

FortiEDR Advanced Endpoint Protection

See how FortiEDR detects and blocks ransomware and other fileless attacks to stop breaches in real time. It also reduces the attack surface and remotely remediates affected endpoints.


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