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Flowmon ADS

Sistema de detecção de anomalias de rede

Alimentado por um mecanismo de detecção inteligente, o Flowmon ADS aproveita algoritmos de análise de comportamento para detectar anomalias ocultas no tráfego de rede e expor comportamentos maliciosos, ataques contra aplicativos críticos, violações de dados e indicadores de comprometimento.


Advantage at every stage of compromise

Flowmon ADS adds the network-centric layer of defense to your security matrix (see SOC Visibility Triad) to detect the slightest network anomalies that indicate the activity of unknown and insider threats undetectable by perimeter and endpoint security. Context-rich incident visualization in the MITRE ATT&CK® framework keeps you briefed on the scope, severity and future development of the breach.

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Know the advantages for your business.

Seal the gap

Between perimeter and endpoint protection.

Expose breaches

Ransomware, malware, insider & unknown threats, etc.

Use machine learning

Leverage intelligent technology to detect threats others miss.

Test the solution for free!

We offer individual demos of our solutions. Contact our experts to test Flowmon ADS in your environment.

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System  Solution Overview

Para um atendimento personalizado, entre em contato com um especialista ou solicite um orçamento gratuito

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