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NetWall Optical Diode

Hardware enforced one-way transfer for IT and OT environments 

NetWall Optical Diode provides a reliable transfer of data over a hardware enforced one-way communications link, enabling secure data transfer between isolated networks. To support the concurrent transfer of multiple data types, NetWall Optical Diode ensures the security and integrity of your critical assets.


OT Cybersecurity That No Firewall Can Match 

In compliance with NEI and other cyber security controls, OPSWAT NetWall Optical Diode serves as a deterministic isolation device which protects critical assets while allowing multiple data types to be transferred concurrently.

NetWall Optical Diode provides access to real-time OT data and enables secure IT/OT data and file transfers without the risk of introducing security threats to critical OT production networks and assets.


Scalable Industrial Cybersecurity 

Redundant Optical Connection

Data integrity checks over redundant optical links achieve unsurpassed reliability

Advanced Tuning Features

Allows NetWall Optical Diode to be optimized for your transfer needs

No Return Path

A non-networked serial connection between the NetWall server pair enforces one-way data flows.

From Fast to Gigafast, Solutions for Every Industrial Enterprise

Reduce Tools Complexity

Servidores montados em rack


Visão geral da solução NetWall

See our DEMO in action!

We offer individual web-based demonstrations of our solutions,
If you want to get a better understanding in a live environment, we'll be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of the solution.

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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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