MOVEit Automation

Automate file transfer workflows with a simple workflow designer, powerful scripting tool, and complete audit

MOVEit provides the security and control required for secure, high-volume file transfer and compliance with regulations. With strong security features such as file obfuscation and tamper-evident logs; and a multitude of interactivity options, such as MOVEit Client and the Outlook plugin, there is something for every use case.

Highly Integrated
Whether with an internal system or an external partner, Ipswitch MOVEit is highly connectable. Support for HTTPS, UNC, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP and REST API.
Uncompromising security
Use secure transport protocols, encrypt files in transport, examine files on an anti-virus engine, and keep all audit logs in a tamper-proof database.
Hyper Resilient
Whether active-passive failover, alternate workflow routes, retry rates, or email alerts. MOVEit Automation is a solution you can trust.
Powerful Scripting
Using VBscript or PowerShell, manipulate files or interact with other network services without the need for Windows Scheduled Tasks or Cronjob.
Perpetual license

Ipswitch MOVEit Automation is available as a perpetual license. Above our entry-level Basic Edition, licenses include unlimited hosts and workflows to support your file transfer needs. Each year, an optional support and maintenance fee is payable for access to technical support and software assurance.

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Resources and Capabilities

Ipswitch MOVEit Automation is invoked by thousands of customers around the world.

Safety and Compliance
  • Validated Encryption FIPS 140-2.

  • Tamper-evident database used to store audit logs and encryption data.

  • PGP Encryption and Decryption Features.

  • Antivirus integration.

  • Product features developed to complement PCI DSS, GDPR and ISO 27001

Availability and uptime
  • High availability deployment options.

  • Real-time control panel so you can keep track of file movements as they happen.

  • Follow Sun technical support via Ipswitch's email, telephone, or technical support portal.

Connectivity and Usability
  • Support for HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, FTP, UNC, ASX and Amazon S3.

  • REST API for modern integrations.

  • Support for SSL and SSH key authentication.

  • Full web browser-based administration console.

  • Built-in script editor for VBscript and PowerShell.

  • Drag and drop the creator of the workflow.

  • Free non-production license for creating a development environment.

E muito mais.

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