MOVEit Transfer Cloud

The same MOVEit platform, only in the cloud

With MOVEit Transfer now available in the cloud, highly secure managed file transfer services can break free of traditional data center ties. Hosted in Europe, managed by Ipswitch and available as a subscription template, MOVEit Transfer has never been so affordable.


Ipswitch MOVEit Cloud is a highly flexible and secure managed file transfer solution previously reserved for internal data center deployments. Whether it's a simple instance of FTP / SFTP or a secure transfer client, Ipswitch MOVEit has almost twenty years of experience helping the organization provide files from one location to another, under its responsibility.

Two versions, hundreds of possibilities 

Ipswitch's award-winning MOVEit Cloud solution is available for purchase in two powerful versions to meet virtually any requirement.






Multifactor Authentication


Encrypted File Storage


Evidence of Evidence


Secure email service


Microsoft Outlook Plugin


Folder Sharing


Desktop Client


Temporary user accounts

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